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How to Avoid "Turning Your People Off" When They Come Up With Ideas
We can accidentally turn our people off forever when they mention problems they see at work.

Discover How to Get Participation In Meetings
Do you get frustrated when people just sit in your meetings, never participating or offering ideas?

You've gone to so much trouble to prepare and conduct the meetings and they don't say a thing. Aren't they interested?

New Study Reveals Sacrifices Employees Would Make to Have a Bonus System Implemented at their Company
A shocking new study by the B2B division of Staples Inc. (Staples Advantage), reports surprising benefits of Gainsharing-type incentive systems.

Are You Taking the Excitement Out of Your Employees' Work?
One of my "pet peeves" is the way most companies "pull the juice" or the excitement out of work for most people.

We do everything possible to make their jobs a boring, tedious drag.

Shocking New Study Shows Half of Your People Are Disengaged
Have you ever wondered how many of your employees were really with it?

You know, really trying to do what the company was trying to do, to the best of their ability? People can put on a good show.

Do You Wish Your Managers Were More Accountable, Self-Managing?
Do you need to "baby sit" them to be sure that things happen and that they drive results?

That's what you're paying them to do, isn't it?

How is Gainsharing Different from Profit Sharing
Often people mistakenly say "Profit Sharing" when they are talking about their Company's Gainsharing System. I get the impression that people use the terms interchangeably.
Gainsharing is quite different from Profit Sharing.
1. Power to Motivate Rank and File Employees
For motivation...

Do You Tell The Truth or Hide It?

In this issue -->
Often, managers are hesitant to post workers' performance numbers. "We shouldn't single them out."
If it's the truth, we shouldn't shy away from showing it.
Giving Feedback is essential to managing performance and making work more like a game. . . . .

Control Changing Labor Demands

Who Else Needs to Control Labor Costs, but Has
Constantly Changing Demand?
Does it seem like your labor costs go up and down
with the weather?
That's how it actually is for one of America's top
car wash companies, recently recognized by The
Wall Street Journal as one of the Top Small
Workplaces for 2009.
When it's sunny, people want their car washed

How To Take Advantage of the Emerging Recovery
In this issue -->
How To Take Advantage of the Emerging Recovery
Are you going to miss the opportunities the
recovery will bring?
You may have slacked off on training people, let
people go that had important skills, and/or are
spread pretty thin in key areas that need to
"come through" for your customers as demand picks
Now that things are turning...

Self-Managing Labor Costs
In this issue -->
Fortune 500 Company Uses Gainsharing to Weather
Downturn and Achieve "Self-Managing" Labor Costs
Do you need "Self-Managing" labor costs?
That is, your labor costs go down when demand goes
That's what happens in Gainsharing companies.
- Want Proof?
Whole Foods Market, Inc., in their 2nd Quarter
2009 Earnings Report, noted that...

Driving Cost Containment
In this issue -->
Driving Cost Containment
One of my Gainsharing clients made a casual
comment to me recently that they were in a "Cost
containment mode". There must be thousands of
management people thinking that same thought these
As Mark Twain said, "None of us are smart enough
to remember all we know." With that in mind, a
quick review of...

Three Biggest Mistakes People Make Implementing Gainsharing
In this issue -->
Three Biggest Mistakes People Make Implementing
(1) Not Being Specific on How to Drive the Gains
Without focus, without specific action plans, your
improvement efforts will fizzle and die.
Managers might try to motivate people by saying
something like "If we have a five percent
productivity improvement this month, then...

Self-Adjusting Labor Costs
Do you need to adjust labor costs to changing business

Lean and Gainsharing
Do you need to rev-up the intensity of your lean
How to fire up employees about lean efforts. Lean
and gainsharing: Two systems that enhance one

Gainsharing - It's Time to Get Personal
It's Time to Get Personal
Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of urgency in your
company to achieve goals? There doesn't seem to be passion and
commitment to make them happen. The goals just seem to lay there.
Like achieving them is optional.
What's wrong?
It's not as though achieving the goals really is optional. All
kinds of bad things happen...

Gainsharing Hotline - How to Keep the Spark Alive: Long-Term Pay-For-Performance Success
How do you keep the spark alive in a Gainsharing System or other
pay-for-performance program? That's a question that I've been asked
many times over the years.
A client recently sent me that question after they paid a record
Gainsharing bonus. He said...


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